Workshop-Physics and chemistry of the atmosphere CT 10-16 iunie 2008

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Workshop-Physics and chemistry of the atmosphere CT 10-16 iunie 2008

Covasnianu Adrian
In perioada 10-16 iulie la Constanta va avea loc un workshop (editia
a 3-a, in 2006-a fost la Iasi, 2007-Szeged) axat pe experimente
efectute in domeniul fizicii, chimiei si a stiintelor de mediu.

Anul acesta workshop-ul va fi gazduit la Constanta.

This Workshop is the annual meeting of the PHYCAFOR Consortium
supported by the ARCUS and ECO-NET programs. Following the success of
the last years meetings held in Iasi, Romania (2 - 14 July 2006) and
in Szeged, Hungary (2-4 May 2007), we organize this year the
Workshop  "Physics and chemistry of the atmosphere: from laboratory
experiments to field campaigns." in Constanta, Romania (10 - 16 July
2008). Financial support from the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs
ECO-NET project n° 16238UC "Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry: from
experiment to theory, from laboratory to field campaign" is
acknowledged. This year meeting aims to a more focused approach by
presenting cutting-edge techniques in the field to a selected
specialized public (about 100 participants expected).

This Workshop proposes approximately 40 scientific activity hours,
covering a wide range of topics, from modern laboratory analysis
methods and theoretical approaches to field measurements and modeling
at local and planetary scale. Plenary lectures, oral and poster
sessions will be proposed. A practical session (4 hours) will be
organized, giving the opportunity to approach modern atmosperic
investigation tools (e.g. LIDAR).
The Workshop is intended like an intensive form of training for the
students and young researchers of the partner countries and
constitutes one of the key points of the Arcus project.
The target audience is mainly at the level of MSc, PhD and young
researchers in the first years of their scientific activity in the
fields of physics, chemistry and environment sciences.

Pentru mai multe info (inregistrare) atasez linkul:

Cu respect,
Adrian C.