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Global Mapper 18.2 Released with New 3D Digitizing Functionality and Support for Connecting to Amazon Web Services
 Blue Marble Geographics is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Global Mapper version 18.2. This complimentary upgrade to the version 18 release includes numerous functional enhancements throughout many areas of the software, including the LiDAR Module, and it introduces an array of new tools, upgrades to existing components, performance improvements to increase efficiency and productivity, and support for several new formats and online data sources.
 Click here to download Global Mapper 18.2
 The release of version 18.2 introduces a new toolbar to the Overlay Control Center to simplify access to layer options, metadata, etc. The multi map view function, which is used to display multiple docked map windows, now offers the option to link the map center of two or more 2D maps allowing simultaneous panning. It also provides a built-in overview map displaying the full extent of all loaded data with rectangles denoting the visible extent of the corresponding 2D map views.
Improvements in the 3D View include new 3D digitizing or drawing functionality, including the option to snap to existing 3D points, lines, or polygons. Version 18.2 also includes an upgrade to the 3D fly-through visualization, which now allows the playback to be looped with the current fly-through position dynamically superimposed on the corresponding 2D map.

 For many Global Mapper users, access to an extensive variety of data has always been one of its most important and distinguishing characteristics. With the release of version 18.2, users can now share data via Amazon Web Services (AWS) by importing from and exporting to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) buckets. Global Mapper's Online Data offerings now include the 30 arc second (30m) resolution SRTM elevation data and ESA CCI Land Cover data for the entire world.
 Blue Marble Application Specialists will be conducting a live webinar on Thursday, June 22 during which they will showcase the highlights of this release. This hour-long presentation is scheduled to begin at 2:00 pm (U.S. Eastern Time) and it will provide an opportunity to both see the latest tools and to ask questions about the new functionality. Space is limited, and registration is required so be sure to sign up today.
 To register, visit:
 For a complete list of new features and enhancements or to download a copy of Global Mapper 18.2, visit: 
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