Fwd: kind request for RS expert interview - role of remote sensing within the city of Bucharest

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Fwd: kind request for RS expert interview - role of remote sensing within the city of Bucharest

Ristea Alina
Buna ziua,

 Ma poate ajuta cineva cu informatii despre folosirea teledetectiei in Primaria Bucuresti pentru planificare teritoriala sau cu date de contact al unei persoane din domeniu?
 Urmatorul email este de la un coleg doctorand din Austria:

 "In the scope of my PhD, I analyze the operational use of remote sensing within city administrations for urban planning and energy planning tasks. I carry out expert interviews with persons responsible for remote sensing data & products for a respective city. I have made a questionnaire for doing these expert interviews which I send you enclosed.
 Within my PhD I want to answer the question: Do city administrations operationally use remote sensing for tasks in spatial planning and energy planning in particular, and how are their competences defined in this context?
 Information and answers provided within these interviews will only be used within my PhD and will not be transferred to other persons or institutions.
 I am not familiar with the organizational structure of the Romanian cities regarding remote sensing data or geodata in general, that’s why in the text document, I chose the Directia Patrimoniu, Serviciu Cadastru as the main source for remote sensing data and resulting products for the city of Bucharest.
 Do you think it’s possible to find a person in charge of the city administration of Bucharest or of another relevant institution for doing such an interview?
 Thank you very much in advance and best regards from Vienna,
 Arthur Lehner
PhD Student
Sustainable Buildings and Cities
Center for Energy

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